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2Sure Hand and Surface Sanitizer is an antibacterial and anti germicidal liquid available in 100ml, 250ml, 500ml, 4.5L and 10Litres. Seven-Up Bottling Company Nigeria Plc is 2sure sanitizer manufacturer. It is effective against germs causing hand-to-mouth illnesses and can be used for household/ workplace disinfection.

2Sure sanitizers come in two forms: Gel and Liquid (Spray). The gel can only be used on hands and therefore referred to as 2Sure Hand Sanitizers. The liquid spray is suitable for both hand and surfaces like tables, door, handles, cabinets, kitchen tables tops, fridge handles, stair railings, etc. We offer same day delivery to 2Sure Sanitizer buyers resident in Lagos and Abuja, if orders are placed before 12 noon of that day. Please note that delivery charges may apply depending on quantity.

For 2Sure bulk buyers we offer wholesale prices and huge discounts depending on the number of cartons needed. We can also give you the MSDS of 2Sure sanitizers on request. Other 2Sure products include Dish wash, Handwash, and Soaps.

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