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2Sure is brand with products designed to improve your health and wellbeing, giving you the confidence to live well today and in the future. 2Sure emerged in 2020 with the 2Sure hand and surface sanitizer in response to the pandemic. Ever since then the brand has expanded to other hygiene products including soap, handwash and dishwash to mention a few.

Registered in Nigeria and manufactured by 7Up Bottling company 2 sure brand of products. According to 2Sure Website,
“Our sole aim is to make sure everyone of us live well and germ-free so we can milk every of life’s precious moments to the fullest. Be 2Sure, Stop germs, Live well.”

2Sure offers quality hygiene products and NeatStore.NG is your approved online distributor for wholesale prices that can be delivered anywhere in Nigeria. So if you want to buy in bulk fill the form on this page with number of cartons needed and we will get back with the best quote for you

List of 2Sure Products 

2Sure Antibacterial Soap2sure product manufacturer
2Sure Multipurpose Soap
2Sure Dish wash Liquid
2Sure Antibacterial Handwash
2Sure Hand & Surface Sanitizer


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