Do you want to buy a vacuum cleaner and you are presented with different types leaving you in confusion as to which serves your purpose? This write up is specifically written to address the issue. Industrial vacuum cleaners and domestic cleaners come in all shapes and sizes. Some of them are designed to be used for everyday cleaning while some are meant to handle tougher jobs.

So before you buy a vacuum cleaner, ask yourself what you want to use it for. The following are the main differences between an industrial vacuum cleaner and a domestic one

Power Rating

As stated earlier the purpose of the vacuum cleaner determines what machine you need and this can be measured in their power ratings. Sometimes the power rating of the industrial vacuum cleaner is 10 times that of the domestic because it is used for longer times and for tougher dirts. The industrial vacuum cleaner is used for deep cleaning jobs and the high horsepower reflects that purpose


Industrial vacuum cleaners may also be characterized by their ability to suck up larger debris. For example, small pebbles, wood shavings and even liquids such as oil. As mentioned above, this is directly related to their increased power ratings. Consequently, they are also equipped with wider intake ports as well as more robust filters. Therefore, blockages are much less likely to occur. Additionally, the internal reservoir tanks of industrial cleaners are noticeably larger. This enables the user to work longer without having to empty the unit. Conveniently, saving time and increasing efficiency.

Size and Weight of Vacuum Cleaners

Industrial cleaners are also much heavier than domestic models, thanks to a more powerful motor and a larger overall chassis. Fortunately, they are nonetheless quite easy to navigate. Industrial vacuum cleaners can be equipped with advanced controls and castor wheels so that they can fit into tight spaces.

In summary, there are a number of differences between industrial vacuum cleaners and domestic vacuum cleaners. Importantly, each is designed for a very specific task and to provide targeted solutions when the time is right.